Episode 205 | Being a Prepared Mom On the Go and At Home | Karen Morris

Today’s guest is passionate about equipping moms to be prepared for whatever life throws at them.  In our conversation, we dove into the subjects of two of Karen’s books: preparing your home with long-term food storage and preparing your vehicle with everything you need on the go.  Karen breaks down how anyone can get started building their long-term food storage supply without blowing the budget.  She also goes through some items to keep stocked in your vehicle so you are prepared for any situation that may arise on the go.  There are some brilliant things on her list that you may not have thought of!  If you want to feel more prepared to take care of your family whether at home or on the run, lend an ear to Karen’s sage advice!

In this episode, we cover:

  • How couponing got Karen started on her preparedness endeavor
  • The preparedness grocery shopping strategy that will save you time and money
  • Practical resources to help you map out your food preparedness plan
  • Thinking through which staples to stock up on for long-term food storage
  • What you might not think about when preparing your vehicle for everyday emergencies
  • Organizing your on-the-go items in your vehicle
  • Snack options to keep in your car ranging from pre-packaged to from-scratch
  • How to stock your diaper bag to be prepared for anything
  • Making sure you are rotating through your stocked pantry before items expire
  • Planning your shopping trips so that you are always replenishing your stockpile
  • Where to start with long-term food storage if you don’t have anything stored yet

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About Karen

Meet Karen Morris: a devoted Christian, wife, homeschooling mom, and enthusiastic prepper. She’s a multi-talented individual with a diverse range of interests. As an author, blogger, and Trekkie, she adds a unique flair to her journey towards self-sufficiency and preparedness.

Karen’s path to preparedness began unexpectedly with couponing, amassing a stockpile of essentials that unintentionally laid the groundwork for her family’s self-reliance. A pivotal tornado experience highlighted the importance of having both provisions and the means to use them when displaced.  Further encounters, like the Ferguson riots and a harrowing knife-wielding attacker, underscored the significance of mental readiness.

 With a heart for equipping others, Karen offers actionable insights and advice for families to navigate life’s uncertainties. Whether through her writings, videos, or speaking engagements, she empowers individuals to take incremental steps toward preparedness. 

Today, Karen resides on a thriving mini-homestead in Illinois, sharing her journey through books, blogs, and social media.

Through her resilient spirit and wealth of experiences, Karen Morris is not only a beacon of inspiration but a practical guide for families seeking to secure their future. In a world of uncertainties, she continues to remind us all that preparedness is not just a lifestyle – it’s a mindset that transforms challenges into opportunities for growth.

Resources Mentioned

A Year Without the Grocery Store by Karen Morris

A Year Without the Grocery Store Companion Workbook by Karen Morris

Mom on the Run by Karen Morris

Spiral-bound 2024 Prepper Planner

Paperback 2024 Prepper Planner

Video tutorial: Properly Storing Food in 5 Gallon Buckets


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