Handmade home, from scratch cooking and a little mom and entrepreneur life along the way…

Hello and welcome! My name Lisa, mother of eight and creator of the blog and Youtube channel, Farmhouse on Boone. I created this podcast, Simple Farmhouse Life, so I could have a space to share more in depth on the topics nearest and dearest to my heart. I also bring on inspirational and informative guests who can also come alongside you as we pursue more meaningful and simple lives.

Start Your Homestead

You can’t get more “simple” than learning how to cultivate the very food that sustains you and your family. Even the smallest homestead will help you reconnect with the land.

Grow Your Own Food

Cultivate your garden and reap the rewards of fresh, organic produce, sown and nurtured by your own hands.

Cook from Scratch

Rediscover the art of cooking with whole, natural ingredients, creating meals that are both nourishing and delicious.


We have been educating our children for over a decade now. This podcast is the perfect long form platform to share the heart behind why we chose this lifestyle, and how it contributes to simplicity.

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Hi! I’m Lisa!

My journey to simple living started over 16 years ago when my husband Luke and I got married. I started by learning how to cook basic things, to save money and pursue health. I started my sourdough starter in 2011, started milking goats in 2019, learned to sew, and make a home. 8 babies later and many hours in the kitchen, garden and homestead, I have a lot to share on why this simple life is worth pursuing.

Start Your Homestead

Embark on a transformative journey into self-reliance and sustainability, creating a life that’s in harmony with nature.

Minimalism and Debt Freedom

Simple living means having margin in your day to pursue things that maybe don’t make sense monetarily. Decluttering your space and your finances gives you back the space you need to invest in such efforts. Join me and guests to discuss.

Simple Decor

Creating beautiful spaces in our homes make them more enjoyable and thus a likely space for us to learn new skills and those forgotten old fashion arts. I could talk about home design all day.

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Simple Farmhouse Life


One of the easiest ways to truly appreciate the simple things in life if to make household items with basic materials and your own two hands. My first book, Simple Farmhouse Life (same name as the podcast!) is all about celebrating the art of handmade!

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