About Lisa’s Journey to Simple Living

Hello and welcome! I’m Lisa, homeschooling mother of 8, homesteader and entrepreneur. In the blogosphere I am most known for my blog, Farmhouse on Boone and Youtube channel, which each reach millions of people every month with from scratch recipes and simple living inspiration.

I started this podcast in January of 2020, just before the internet at large became interested in the home again. I was over here with my decade old sourdough starter, and several years of marriage, motherhood and homemaking under my belt, ready to share it all with the world!

My husband Luke, and I, do this internet gig full-time, and I love to teach other creators how to do the same through my masterclasses on Youtube and blogging.


Farmhouse favorites sourdough recipes

50+ sourdough recipes for you to download and enjoy!

From starting a vegetable garden and raising chickens to preserving food and crafting homemade goods, each episode is a chapter of my ongoing adventure. But this podcast isn’t just about what I do; it’s about what we can learn together. It’s a space for sharing knowledge, inspiring each other, and building a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for a simpler, more sustainable way of life.

So, whether you’re an experienced baker, an aspiring green thumb, or simply curious about this way of life, I invite you to join me on this journey. Let’s learn, grow, and thrive together in our pursuit of a more grounded and simple existence.

Introducing my Book

Simple Farmhouse Life


One of the easiest ways to truly appreciate the simple things in life if to make household items with basic materials and your own two hands. My first book, Simple Farmhouse Life (same name as the podcast!) is all about celebrating the art of handmade!