Episode 206 | Kick Cold & Flu Season with Elderberry | Starla & Brad Walker of Abby’s Elderberry

With the colder months quickly approaching, many parents want to start preparing their families to fight off illness.  Today’s guests are sharing with us all about how elderberry has transformed their family and how you can benefit from it too.  Starla and Brad answer some of the most frequently asked questions about elderberry: how it impacts the body, when to take it, growing it yourself.  If you want to get a head start on boosting your family’s immune system this year, join us for this episode and check out what Starla and Brad have to offer!

In this episode, we cover:

  • How elderberry has impacted Starla & Brad’s family
  • Discussing the history of elderberry and where to find it
  • Growing and harvesting your own elderberry
  • What makes Abby’s Elderberry a trusted, high-quality product
  • When and how often should you take elderberry?
  • How does elderberry boost the immune system?
  • Tips for incorporating elderberry into your family’s routine
  • A variety of ways to consume elderberry

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About Starla & Brad

Brad & Starla Walker have 8 kids and live on their 15 acre homestead in Southern Indiana, just outside of Louisville, KY. There they garden, raise livestock, homeschool their children, and operate their family business, Abby’s Elderberry. They have personally experienced the benefits of elderberry for years and jumped at the opportunity to take ownership of Abby’s in late 2022. Since that time, they have shipped their products to 42 states and have about 20 retail locations to date.

Resources Mentioned

The Elderberry Book by John Moody

Fruitful Family Podcast by Starla & Brad Walker: YouTube, Apple Podcasts

Enjoy a sitewide discount of 15% with promo code FARMHOUSE at AbbysElderberry.com (elderberry syrups, teas, tinctures, organic berries, DIY syrup kits).


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