Episode 213 | Peaceful Motherhood, Large Family Dynamics, Working at Home, and More Q&A with Leslie Burris

As online business owners and mothers of large homeschooling families, Leslie and I discovered that we have so much in common!  You all submitted so many great questions for this episode, and we felt like we could have continued chatting forever.  We dive into some practicals of how we run our online businesses while working together with our husbands.  We talk about both the challenging and beautiful realities of having a large age span of children in the home.  Ultimately, we hope this conversation encourages you to pursue peace in your motherhood.

Episode 212 | Cozy Christmas Decorating for the Homemaker | Sarah of She Holds Dearly

If the thought of transforming your home into a cozy, magical Christmas wonderland seems overwhelming, this episode is for you!  Sarah is a professional interior designer, but she is sharing tons of tips and inspiration for average homemakers to create a classic, festive, elegant atmosphere in their homes this season.  Whether you are just getting started building up your Christmas decor stash or you are feeling the need to pare it down, my conversation with Sarah will help you feel inspired to create a beautiful, comfortable, cozy space that is perfect for your family this year.

Episode 211 | You Can Save Even More on Groceries | Christine of Frugal Fit Mom

With the rising costs of food over the last few years, people are looking for ways to save now more than ever.  Christine helps moms wisely use their household budgets through her YouTube channel and podcast, and she is with us today to share some of her top tips for maximizing your savings when it comes to sourcing groceries.  She tells us what money pitfalls to avoid and her biggest tip for keeping food costs low.  This is an episode that everyone can gain some practical tips from, so join us! 

Episode 210 | Creating Cozy in Your Home | Liz Marie Galvan

As the days get shorter and cooler, I think we all begin to crave a greater sense of coziness in our homes.  Liz Marie Galvan, the “Queen of Cozy”, is chatting with me today about the concepts behind her newest book Create Your Own Cozy.  We talk about how cozy looks different for everyone according to their unique preferences and the features of their home.  Liz tackles the million dollar question: how can I achieve a cozy feeling in my home without making it feel cluttered?  If you are longing for more of that cozy feeling in your home, you don’t want to miss this conversation. 

Episode 209 | How to Get Out of a Homemaking Funk | Megan and Jayna of the Honey I’m Homemaker Podcast

I talk often on this podcast about the beauty of homemaking, but there are certainly times when we can fall into a slump as homemakers.  I’m joined by two Mennonite homemakers in this episode, Megan and Jayna, to discuss what we love about homemaking, what is challenging, and how we navigate the difficult seasons of this worthy calling.  If you could use fresh ideas and inspiration to continue creating beauty and comfort in your home, join us for this conversation!

Episode 208 | Why Freshly-Milled Flour is Better | Kristin Nobles of Generation Acres Farm

Many of us have heard that freshly-milled flour is healthier for us, but we have questions about incorporating it into our kitchens and diets.  Kristin has been baking with freshly-milled whole grains for over a decade, and she now shares techniques and recipes with other bakers who want to make the switch to freshly-milled flour.  We talk about the history of grain milling and how all-purpose flour came to be so popular.  Kristin shares why freshly-milled whole grains are so much more nutrient dense than white flours, and she demystifies the process of incorporating them into your everyday baking.  Join us as we answer your questions about why and how to switch to freshly-milled flour.

Episode 207 | Find Balance with Technology and Live Undistracted | Katie Westenberg, Author of But Then She Remembered

Distractions are nothing new, but the sheer amount of distractions available to us in our modern world is overwhelming.  It is impossible to talk about distraction without acknowledging the impact of technology on our lives, but Katie pulls back the curtain on technology to explore what is really behind our attraction to it.  What is the root cause of distraction and how can we overcome it?  If you desire to live a purposeful life without succumbing to the onslaught of distractions coming your way, join us for this powerful conversation.

Episode 206 | Kick Cold & Flu Season with Elderberry | Starla & Brad Walker of Abby’s Elderberry

With the colder months quickly approaching, many parents want to start preparing their families to fight off illness.  Today’s guests are sharing with us all about how elderberry has transformed their family and how you can benefit from it too.  Starla and Brad answer some of the most frequently asked questions about elderberry: how it impacts the body, when to take it, growing it yourself.  If you want to get a head start on boosting your family’s immune system this year, join us for this episode and check out what Starla and Brad have to offer!

Episode 205 | Being a Prepared Mom On the Go and At Home | Karen Morris

Today’s guest is passionate about equipping moms to be prepared for whatever life throws at them.  In our conversation, we dove into the subjects of two of Karen’s books: preparing your home with long-term food storage and preparing your vehicle with everything you need on the go.  Karen breaks down how anyone can get started building their long-term food storage supply without blowing the budget.  She also goes through some items to keep stocked in your vehicle so you are prepared for any situation that may arise on the go.  There are some brilliant things on her list that you may not have thought of!  If you want to feel more prepared to take care of your family whether at home or on the run, lend an ear to Karen’s sage advice!

Episode 204 | Giving Our Families the Gift of a Home-Centered Life | Francesca Battistelli

It was so fun to sit down and chat with Francesca about many of the things we share in common.  We dive into what it looks like to balance the many responsibilities of a working, homeschooling, homesteading mother of many. Francesca shares the story of her music career and how it has changed throughout different seasons of life.  We discuss how cultivating a simple life at home away from the hustle can be such a gift to ourselves and our families.  Join me for this encouraging conversation about all things motherhood with Francesca Battistelli!