Episode 160 | Overcoming Fear in Motherhood | Jennifer Pepito of The Peaceful Press

Nearly every mother experiences fear throughout her parenting journey.  As Jennifer and I discuss in this episode, there are often new fears that emerge at every stage of parenthood.  We may fear failing our kids or fear for their safety, but the reality is that fear creates a suffocating environment in our homes.  As a long-time homeschooling mother of seven, Jennifer shares her journey of recognizing the impact of fear on her family and how she used the power of story to overcome it.  This is such a rich, grace-filled conversation meant to encourage you as you fight fear and embrace joy in your mothering.

Episode 159 | Simple, Affordable, and Cozy Christmas Decor | Emily of Handmade Farmhouse

I love talking about home decor on my podcast every now and then because I think it is such a beautiful part of being a homemaker.  As the Christmas season quickly approaches, I am excited to bring you this conversation all about cultivating elegance and beauty in your home for Christmas without spending a fortune.  Emily of Handmade Farmhouse has a way of adding beautiful touches to everything she does, so I knew she would lend the perfect inspiration to this conversation.  This episode is FULL of practical ideas, simple DIYs, and affordable ways to bring the magic and wonder of Christmas to your home this season.

Episode 158 | Breaking Down Homestead Goals: How to Move Past Overwhelm and Take Action | Danielle of Jones Roots

No matter what stage of homesteading you are in, the list of tasks to complete and projects to tackle is seemingly endless.  The eagerness to get it all done and see your dreams come to life can easily leave you feeling overwhelmed.  Danielle found herself with bigger dreams than she had time and money for, so she created the Run Back to Your Roots 365 challenge to help herself master those skills one by one.  Before long, she had thousands of people joining her in each month’s homestead challenge, everything from canning to fermenting to baking bread and more.  Join me for this conversation with Danielle as we dive into what it looks like to pursue your dreams little by little.

Episode 157 | What is the Pro-Metabolic Approach? Pursuing Health Through Nourishing Foods and Metabolic Support | Fallon Lee & Kori Meloy

The pro-metabolic approach to wellness has been gaining popularity lately, but it is rooted in ancient ways of eating and supporting the body.  The more I have learned about it, the more I have realized that I have actually been following many of the pro-metabolic principles for a long time.  This way of life goes hand in hand with the from-scratch homestead kitchen.  Though I have already been implementing many metabolically supportive practices in my life, I still learned so much from this conversation.  I walked away with new ideas to try and areas of my health to reexamine.  Whether you are new to the pro-metabolic conversation or have been embracing this approach for many years, join us for this rich conversation about supporting our health in a truly sustainable way.

Episode 156 | Why You Should Consider Buying an Old House | Paige Sander of Farmhouse Vernacular

New homes come with many modern conveniences, but there is a depth of character in old homes that is hard to replicate in new construction.  It is no secret that I have a love for older homes, so I’m excited to bring my friend Paige back on the podcast to chat with me all about why we both choose to live in old homes.  Not only do we talk about why we love them, we dive into how you can approach your own purchase and renovation.  Even if buying an old home is not on your radar, stay tuned until the end of our conversation because Paige gives some incredibly valuable budgeting and planning advice that can apply to anyone’s home!

Episode 155 | Build a Homestead That Pays for Itself (and Pays You Too!) | Leah Lynch | Profitable Backyard Farming

One of the major reasons people start homesteading is because they want to produce high quality food without spending a fortune.  However, if you are not careful, you can simply replace your grocery store bill for a feed store bill.  In today’s episode, Leah and I discuss what it looks like to create a homestead that not only pays for itself but also puts money back in your pocket.  Maybe you have a dream of starting a homestead but are unsure about the investment— this episode is full of ideas and tips for building a homestead you love without breaking the bank.  If you are already living your dream of homesteading but are feeling broke and burnt out, Leah’s advice could help you get back on the right track.  Wherever you are in your homesteading journey, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss! 

Episode 154 | Nurturing Our Children’s Hearts Through Lifegiving Words | Sally Clarkson

In our increasingly digital age, it is more important than ever to make sure we are using our words to affirm and guide our children. In a world that tries to tell them who they are and what is important, it is our job as parents to encourage them toward virtue and faith. I am so pleased to bring you this conversation with Sally Clarkson. Through book writing, podcasting, and speaking, Sally uses her words to mentor a generation of young moms who want to give their children a life full of beauty, creativity, faith, and family. May you come away from this conversation with a renewed vigor for creating a verbal home that breathes life into the hearts of your children.

Episode 153 | Switching to Ancient Grains + Milling at Home: How to Increase Nutrients in Your Baking | Laura Tuttle

I have been using ancient grains in my kitchen for many years now, but there is a learning curve when you are making the switch from modern white flours to heartier ancient grains like einkorn, kamut, spelt, and more.  Laura of @lauralivesthegoodlife is such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to baking sourdough bread, using different types of flours, and milling your own grains.  If you have questions about the differences between these flours and how to use them, this is the episode for you!  We share tons of tips on incorporating ancient grains into your everyday recipes while still enjoying delicious and nutrient-dense baked goods.

Episode 152 | All Things Eggs: Sourcing, Cooking, and Enjoying Eggs Every Day | Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily

I wasn’t sure if we could talk about eggs for an entire podcast episode, but I was wrong!  From producing eggs in your own backyard to the many ways you can include them in your diet, there is plenty to discuss about this amazing superfood.  Lisa Steele is an expert backyard chicken keeper and has just released a cookbook all about using eggs in your kitchen, so I knew she’d be the perfect guest for this conversation.  You might be surprised at the many directions our conversation takes!  Whether you are raising a backyard flock of chickens or just want some new ideas for incorporating eggs into your diet, there is something for everyone in this episode.

Episode 151 | Answering Baby Questions: Babywearing, Baby Sleep, Baby Food | Ariel Tyson

As a mother of seven, I get so many questions about all the baby things: feeding, sleeping, babywearing, bonding, navigating transitions, and more.  I am so excited to bring fellow mother of seven, Ariel Tyson, on the podcast to chat about the baby days.  We both share a love for the early newborn days, and we dive into how we approach the newborn stage in a way that allows us to enjoy it.  We also talk beyond the newborn stage and address some of the transitions that come as babies get older.  May this discussion encourage you in your motherhood and give you some practical ideas to implement in your own home.