Episode 204 | Giving Our Families the Gift of a Home-Centered Life | Francesca Battistelli

It was so fun to sit down and chat with Francesca about many of the things we share in common.  We dive into what it looks like to balance the many responsibilities of a working, homeschooling, homesteading mother of many. Francesca shares the story of her music career and how it has changed throughout different seasons of life.  We discuss how cultivating a simple life at home away from the hustle can be such a gift to ourselves and our families.  Join me for this encouraging conversation about all things motherhood with Francesca Battistelli!

In this episode, we cover:

  • What led Francesca and her family to leave the suburbs and start their homestead
  • How Francesca’s career as a touring artist has changed as her family has grown
  • Finding balance in learning new skills on the homestead while homeschooling a large family
  • Communicating with your spouse about responsibilities in the home and on the homestead
  • How creating a home-centered life allows you to accomplish your goals in homeschooling, homesteading, homemaking
  • The beauty in giving our families a slower paced life

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