Episode 189 | Finding Balance as a Business Owner and Mom | Gillian Perkins

As much as I love sharing about homemaking and homesteading and family life, I also love talking about online business!  Being a business owner is a huge part of my life, and it is so fun to talk to fellow moms and business owners about how they are managing the many responsibilities of this way of life.  Gillian teaches women about building and managing profitable online businesses that don’t take away from family life, and I am excited to bring you all along on this conversation as we chat about our own journeys as business owners and moms.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What led Gillian to pursuing online business instead of local business
  • The two main pitfalls people fall into when trying to make money online
  • Why the size of your platform does not necessarily determine your success in online business
  • Examining whether there is room in the market for your voice or product
  • Are there certain avenues you should definitely avoid in online business?
  • Differentiating your business in the market 
  • Finding time to balance online business with the rest of mom life
  • Growing your capacity as your responsibilities increase
  • Strategies for separating business and life to be fully present with your family

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About Gillian

Gillian Perkins is the CEO of Startup Society and the host of the Work Less, Earn More podcast. She also hosts a popular entrepreneurship-focused YouTube channel that has received over 25 million views to date.

Gillian teaches people how to start and build profitable online businesses that allow them to earn passive income and live a flexible lifestyle. She runs her company with a primarily remote team, enabling her to travel with her family and homeschool her five young children.


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