Episode 220 | Inspiration for the Homemaker: Creativity, Contentment, and Growth | Andrea of Pine and Prospect Home

I love sharing about what I am doing in my home as a homemaker – the meals I’m cooking, the decor I’m bringing in, the systems I’m maintaining – but this episode goes even deeper into homemaking.  I am chatting with my friend and fellow blogger Andrea about the heart behind our homemaking pursuits.  As wives and mothers who have been learning and loving homemaking for well over a decade, we want to encourage you to see the beauty and creativity and opportunities that are available to you as a homemaker.  May this episode empower you to reject negative depictions of homemaking and to fully embrace the powerful calling of caring for your home and family.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Andrea’s journey into creating a home decor blog and where she is headed now
  • All about the incredible resource Andrea has created to mentor homemakers
  • Exploring the creativity available to us as homemakers
  • Keeping inspiration and beauty in your home during bleak winter months
  • The challenge of comparison and discontentment in our connected world
  • Acknowledging the uncomfortable truth about time management
  • Breaking out of overwhelm and growing your homemaking skills little by little

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About Andrea

Andrea Francavilla married her high school sweetheart and moved back to her hometown where she purchased the home that she used to clean as a high school senior. Ten years and four boys later, Andrea and her husband Mike have worked hard to restore their 1930’s cottage on a very small budget. Andrea started her blog in 2017 to inspire and encourage others with the idea that any house can be a beautiful home, no matter the size or budget.

Resources Mentioned

Andrea’s The Heart of Homemaking course


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