188. You Can Become a Stay-at-Home Homesteading Mama | Katie of Lost Oak Sheep Farm

I hear from countless women who have a dream of starting a homestead and making it their full-time lifestyle.  Katie of Lost Oak Sheep Farm had the same dream, and she put her nose to the grindstone to make it a reality.  In our conversation, we talk through what it looked like for Katie to leave her full-time career as a teacher and begin her life as a stay-at-home homesteading mama raising sheep with a baby strapped to her back.  Whether the homesteading lifestyle seems like a far-off dream or it is your current reality, I know this chat with Katie will inspire you with what is possible!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why Katie decided to go full-time in raising sheep on her farm
  • How Katie’s efforts to save her household money turned into homesteading
  • The reality of what it looks like to go from two full-time incomes down to one
  • How to make money raising sheep
  • Navigating work on a homestead with young kids in tow
  • Adjusting to a new definition of productivity as a stay-at-home mom
  • How to start a homesteading journey if you don’t have a lot of land
  • Embracing the learning curve of homesteading skills
  • Using the skills from your education or career to serve you in your role at home
  • Addressing the financial concerns around transitioning from a career to home
  • Adapting to each new season and challenge life brings
  • How many acres do you need to raise sheep?

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About Katie

Katie is a homesteading wife, mama, and shepherdess who spends her days raising lambs, growing cut flowers, working on farm projects, preserving garden food, and trying to glorify the Lord through it all. Tapping into those skills of self sufficiency allowed her to step away from her career and into the role of a stay-at-home farm mom. As a former teacher, she now hopes to teach and encourage others to pursue the simple life.


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