Episode 187 | Keep Your Produce Fresh for Weeks! And Other Money-Saving Grocery Hacks | Amy of The Cross Legacy

If you have seen the viral strawberries in a jar hack, then you know who Amy is!  A couple of years ago, Amy shared her best tip for keeping berries fresh in the fridge for three weeks, and she took the world by storm.  She has built her business on teaching families how to effectively store and use the groceries they bring into their homes, thus saving money and cutting down on food waste.  If you find yourself constantly throwing away wilted greens or soft berries, join us for this discussion on all things groceries!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Amy’s viral hack for keeping strawberries fresh for three weeks
  • The reality of food waste in the majority of American households
  • How to keep greens fresh in the fridge for weeks
  • How you can only go to the grocery story every three weeks
  • A balanced approach to meal planning that allows for flexibility and seasonality
  • Keeping track of what is in your freezer and making sure you use it all in time
  • A detailed look at budgeting for your groceries throughout the entire year
  • How to make whole food snacks a staple in your home
  • Is grocery delivery worth it?
  • Sourcing and budgeting for high quality meat
  • Making protein go a long way in nourishing your family

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About Amy

Amy is an urban homesteader who teaches her audiences how to care for their produce and reduce food waste.  As the Founder and CEO of The Cross Legacy, she has made it her mission to share her food hacks through social media. Her content has been featured in publications around the world and her viral Strawberries in a Jar hack has been shared over 18 million times. 

Amy helps families and communities save money on groceries – most notably by eating what they buy. The average American household throws away 30 to 40% of the food they purchase. To help combat this issue, she wrote a bestselling eBook, I Bought It, Now What? which outlines her directions for how to wash and store produce items so that they will last for weeks. At a time when our food costs are the highest, it is so imperative that food waste statistics trend downward. This starts in the family home. An accomplished speaker, author, and influencer, the information Amy shares helps families save money, reduce food waste, and be able to afford fresh produce.

Resources Mentioned

I Bought It, Now What? eBook 

The Grocery Solution Course

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Classic Lemon Bars – Allergy & Diabetic Friendly


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