Episode 184 | Transform Your Homeschool Days with Delight Directed Learning | Julie Kreke

The pressure is off!  If your homeschool days have become overrun with stress and pressure to do all things perfectly, this episode is for you.  My friend, Julie, has been homeschooling her large family for over a decade, and she loves helping moms free themselves from the pressures of homeschooling by embracing delight directed learning.  Not only does this approach free moms to thrive in homeschooling, it liberates our children too.  I hope our conversation about the beauty of delight directed learning inspires you as you steward your child’s education.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How delight directed learning differs from other educational approaches
  • Recognizing and stewarding each individual child’s gifts
  • Where boundaries come into play with delight directed learning
  • Stepping back to examine our expectations about our child’s education
  • An example of a day in the life of a delight directed homeschool
  • Rejecting rigid schedules to cultivate lifelong learners
  • Examining the cause of burnout and overcoming it
  • The power of keeping lessons short
  • Taking the pressure off by recognizing that each child learns at his own pace
  • Creating an atmosphere in your home that celebrates learning
  • How taking a hands-off approach can inspire your child to continue self-learning
  • Navigating clutter in your schedule and household
  • How do you know if it’s time for a change or time to quit?

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About Julie

Julie is wife to Jason and mama to ten awesome kids. They live in a small home on a sixteen acre homestead in beautiful Missouri where they homeschool their children using a delight directed method of learning.

As a second generation homeschooler, Julie knows firsthand the benefits of this lifestyle, and is passionate about helping others feel confident in homeschooling their kids. She offers encouragement and resources through her website, The Delightful Homeschool, and her family YouTube channel.


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