Episode 202 | Don’t Wait for the Perfect Circumstances to Start Homesteading | Bay Sandoval

The year 2020 was a catalyst that led many people to chase after the homesteading lifestyle, and Bay is no exception.  Fueled by a desire to establish food security for her family, Bay jumped into multiple homesteading endeavors from the get-go and learned a lot along the way.  Homesteading can certainly be expensive, but we dive into the reality of living this lifestyle on a tight budget.  We also chat about what it is like to pursue your goals in front of an audience on the internet and how we each navigate both the negative and positive feedback.  Whether you are working toward your homesteading dream or some other dream, may you be encouraged that you don’t have to wait for the perfect circumstances to get started.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The mindset shift that led Bay to jump into homesteading before her circumstances were “perfect”
  • What Bay learned from the successes and failures of starting many endeavors at once
  • The reality of tackling homesteading projects as a stay-at-home mom of young kids when your spouse is not involved in homesteading
  • Thoughts on learning from others’ failures
  • Navigating negative feedback when sharing your homesteading endeavors
  • How repurposing items can save you money when first starting your homestead
  • Exploring the balance between minimalism and essentialism
  • Getting creative with repurposing items in your home and property
  • Discerning what tools are worth buying and what you can go without
  • How the homesteading movement initially took off and why it’s still going strong

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