Episode 231 | Staying out of debt, simplifying food from scratch, and living with less | Answering more of your questions!

I’m sitting down to answer your questions about finances, cooking from scratch, and minimalism!  If you have been around here for long, you know I am passionate about debt freedom.  I’m diving into our financial mindsets and the major pitfalls we avoid as a debt-free family.  I’ll also explain how cooking from scratch is the best way to stretch your grocery budget and how minimalism is a non-negotiable for us as a family of ten!

In this episode, we cover:

  • How monthly payments create financial traps and sabotage your long-term goals
  • Considering the opportunity cost of carrying debt
  • Making unpopular sacrifices to maintain peace in your finances
  • The surprisingly simple answer to saving money on groceries
  • The key to keeping meals on the table in your from-scratch kitchen
  • Organizing my time for maximum efficiency in my business
  • My strategy for maintaining minimal wardrobes for our large family


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