Why Your Mindset as a Homemaker Matters | Mystie Winckler of Simply Convivial (Episode 232)

In her early days as a homemaker, Mystie found the role to be more difficult than she had expected.  It was in acknowledging how truly valuable the role of a homemaker is that Mystie found joy and peace and purpose in the tasks of homemaking.  If you struggle to embrace the role of homemaker or you are drowning in the mundanity, this episode will be a great encouragement to you!

In this episode, we cover:

  • The mindset that makes homemaking harder than it has to be
  • What happens when you decide to value the work of homemaking
  • Breaking down the overwhelming tasks of homemaking into baby steps
  • Prioritizing your many roles in the home
  • How to decide what to do first when you are overwhelmed
  • The power of acknowledging small progress along the way
  • Ideas for troubleshooting what isn’t working in your homemaking systems
  • Adjusting your expectations for your season and your specific family
  • The importance of your mindset in forming new homemaking habits

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About Mystie

Mystie Winckler and her husband Matt live in Moscow, Idaho, and have five children, including two adult sons and three kids they still homeschool. Mystie is the author of The Convivial Homeschool and Simplified Organization. She writes and podcasts at Simply Convivial to encourage moms to tackle their responsibilities with joy.

Resources Mentioned

Simplified Organization: Learn to Love What Must Be Done by Mystie Winckler

Listen to Mystie’s podcast: Simplified Organization


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