Give Your Family What Technology Can’t | Erin Loechner, Author of The Opt-Out Family (Episode 241)

In our highly-connected digital world, many voices have come along to warn of the dangers of overindulgence in technology.  While many encourage boundaries and moderation, Erin argues that opting out completely is a better way.  Have you felt the pull to change your family’s relationship with technology?  Before you think, “I could never do that,” give this episode a listen!  Erin gently challenges us to craft the kind of family culture where technology cannot compare to the joy of real life.  

In this episode, we cover:

  • The decision-making process that led Erin to her current philosophy on screen usage
  • Digging into some of the practicals of living a less connected life
  • The surprising way your relationships may be impacted by leaving social media
  • Taking an honest look at the moderation mindset around the online world
  • Giving your family something to reach for, not just something to run away from
  • Navigating a screen-free life with your kids
  • How the cultural landscape is changing in regards to technology
  • Will restricting your kids’ screen usage cause them to overindulge in the future?
  • How parents’ desire to keep tabs on their kids may not be healthy

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Resources Mentioned

Video tutorial on how to turn your smart phone into a dumb phone

The Opt-Out Family by Erin Loechner

More free resources for the opt-out family


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