Quick & Easy Summer Meals | Cooking From Scratch + Decorating an Open Concept Home (Episode 242)

I love sharing what we are cooking in our farmhouse from season to season, so join me for this episode where I’m talking through what our menu looks like during these long, hot summer days.  We are on the go more in the summer, so I am spending less time cooking which means I need to keep our kitchen stocked with quick and easy staples that we can throw together in a pinch.  I hope you find meal inspiration in this episode to take with you into your own kitchen!

Check out part two of this episode exclusively on YouTube where I am showing the process of transforming my parents’ open-concept home into a cozy, inviting space.

Resources Mentioned

Some recipes mentioned in this episode: peach chicken, honey mustard, sourdough bagels, puff pancake, mayonnaise, granola, strawberry jam, sourdough crepes, water kefir, sourdough lemon bread, fermented lemonade 

Check out the Farmhouse on Boone blog for more from-scratch recipe inspiration for every season!

And follow along on YouTube to see more of the meals we are enjoying in the farmhouse.


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