Episode 198 | Chatting Content Creation and Cheesemaking with Kate of Venison for Dinner

I’m thrilled to be chatting with another good friend on today’s podcast episode, Kate of Venison for Dinner.  You all likely know her from her homesteading, cheesemaking, homemaking content, and in this conversation, we are answering some of your most common questions about making dairy products at home.  Plus, we pull back the curtain on both of our content creation businesses and offer encouragement for those balancing motherhood and business (or hoping to!).  Whether or not you are interested in making cheese or starting a business, I know you will be encouraged by this conversation between two moms seeking to love and serve our families in every season of motherhood!

In this episode, we cover:

  • What sparked Kate’s passion for raising her own food
  • Trying new things without succumbing to fear of failure
  • Fitting cheesemaking into daily life as a busy mom
  • Troubleshooting a few cheesemaking scenarios
  • How you can redeem a cheesemaking “fail”
  • Creative ways to use up an abundance of milk
  • Is it cost effective to make cheese with store bought milk?
  • Thoughts on starting an online business as a young mother
  • The reality of the early days of getting a business off the ground
  • Weighing your limitations and capacity in various seasons of motherhood
  • How to get things done when you have small kids in the home
  • Creating opportunities to rest and recharge as a mom

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About Kate

Kate is a Mom to 5, living a ‘full time family’ life in Northern BC, Canada. Alongside her husband, Marius, they raise all their own meat, dairy and most of the vegetables too, and take you along for the ride on youtube and instagram. Kate is a big believer in “keepin’ it real” and strives to show you what life for a homeschooling family of 7 really looks like on a farm.

Resources Mentioned

Homemade Dairy without the B.S. (Kate’s free masterclass)

Clabber Culture without the B.S. (free mini course)

Cheesemaking without the B.S. (full course)

The Lazy Genius Way by Kendra Adachi


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