Episode 197 | Be a Countercultural Mom: Finding Joy, Peace, and Purpose in All Seasons of Motherhood | Abbie Halberstadt of M is for Mama

Mother of ten, blogger, author, and one of my real life friends, Abbie from M is for Mama, is back on the podcast chatting with me about being an intentional mother in an increasingly frantic culture.  As mothers, there are so many negative messages coming at us from all directions highlighting the burdens of motherhood without offering us hope or direction.  Abbie’s countercultural message of embracing motherhood as a gift and calling from God is a breath of fresh air.  Join us as we highlight many of the mindset shifts that have given us freedom and joy in our own journeys as mothers of many.

In this episode, we cover:

  • All about Abbie’s 45 day trip to Europe with her 10 kids
  • Feeling less alone in motherhood and moving forward out of the difficult places
  • Finding freedom from the shame of not being able to keep up with everything on your plate
  • Shifting your mindset around being interrupted by kids when trying to get things done
  • Adjusting your expectations about what your house should look like
  • Taking appropriate responsibility in parenting without succumbing to fear and control
  • Keeping perspective about your capacity in different seasons of motherhood
  • Avoiding the trap of comparing yourself to what everyone else is doing

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About Abbie

Abbie is a happy wife, homeschooling mama to ten rad kids, bestselling author, blogger, fitness instructor, and reigning family Nertz champion. But most importantly, she’s a Bible-believing Christian who desires to know God and make Him known. She lives by the motto “hard is not the same thing as bad” and loves encouraging women to dig deep in the everyday trials of motherhood for the treasures of joy and growth that are there in abundance if we’re only willing to look. She, her husband Shaun, and their double handful of children live in the Piney Woods of East Texas.

Resources Mentioned

M is for Mama by Abbie Halberstadt

Hard is Not the Same Thing as Bad by Abbie Halberstadt

M is for Mama Podcast

The Penny Reward System eBook

The Gentleness Challenge eBook


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