Episode 196 | Slowing Down and Embracing Intentional Motherhood | Sarah of Simplyy Sarah

In the last decade since I was a young mother, the pace of motherhood has changed so much.  Even for mothers who stay home full-time with their children, there are endless opportunities and distractions available to us through our digital devices.  When Sarah realized she was running on the hamster wheel of busyness and distraction, she knew she wanted to make a change.  Through her own pursuit of simple, intentional, slow motherhood, Sarah began sharing her journey with other mothers who were longing for the same.  If striving and busyness have left you feeling burned out, this episode will inspire you to pursue simplicity and connection in your everyday life.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What led Sarah from living a fast-paced life to embracing slow motherhood
  • Managing the balance between living a slow and simple life and pursuing goals in business
  • Creating a simple slow living bucket list to keep your family centered
  • A day in the life of an intentional stay-at-home-mom
  • Embracing intentional connection in a way that fits your unique family
  • Is it possible to live a slow and simple life while keeping up with housework?
  • How minimalism makes space for a slow pace of life
  • Keeping your family priorities front and center when deciding what extracurricular activities to pursue
  • Adding intentionality to your days when it seems like every moment is accounted for
  • Examining the mental clutter in our digital world that contributes to overwhelm as moms

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About Sarah

Sarah is a wife and mama who is on a journey to ditch the hurry and embrace a slower-paced life. Married to her (homeschool) highschool sweetheart, she and their little family live on a small piece of land about 50 miles east of Kansas City. Through her popular Instagram account, Simplyy Sarah, she encourages other mamas to reclaim motherhood from busy culture’s narrative, find beauty and purpose in the midst of the mundane, and to savor the slow and simple life.

Resources Mentioned

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Aro Box

Check out Sarah’s Slow Rhythms Guide


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