Episode 195 | Preserving the Garden Harvest: Simple Approaches to Long-Term Food Storage | Melissa K. Norris

For many of us, it is the time of year where our gardens are producing in abundance.  All of our hard work in the garden is starting to pay off, and we don’t want to let any of that hard work go to waste.  Knowing how best to preserve your produce is just as important as knowing how to grow it.

Melissa K. Norris is a food preservation guru, and she is joining us to dive into the various methods of preserving.  We discuss which methods are easiest for beginners and address some safety concerns around canning and botulism.  The good news in food preservation is that you have a variety of different options and most are much more simple than you think!  No matter how little experience you may have in preserving, you will feel confident in getting started with Melissa’s extensive knowledge and experience to inspire you!

In this episode, we cover:

  • The medical wake-up call that led Melissa to transform her family’s nutrition
  • Where to start if you want to pursue a whole foods diet
  • An overview of different preservation methods
  • Concerns around preserving in oil
  • What is the easiest method of preservation for a beginner?
  • The process of curing root crops before long-term storage
  • Go-to preservation method for tomatoes 
  • Pro tips for pickling vegetables
  • Addressing concerns around canning safety

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About Melissa

Melissa is a 5th generation homesteader who helps people produce more than they consume for better health and self-sufficiency using simple modern homesteading (because our food shouldn’t be overcomplicated). Her popular Pioneering Today Podcast has inspired thousands of people to learn traditional skills with over 6.3 million downloads. 

She and her husband have been homesteading for over twenty years, bringing practicality and long term strategies to help others make homesteading a successful lifestyle for good. Readers and listeners love Melissa’s passionate and simple style, including her newest book, Everything Worth Preserving The Complete Guide for Food Preservation at Home, because they can easily apply and implement the tips for quick successes that build on one another.

Resources Mentioned

Everything Worth Preserving by Melissa K. Norris

Episode 125 of the Simple Farmhouse Life podcast with Melissa

Lisa on the Pioneering Today podcast with Melissa

8 Tips on How to Cure Onions for Storage


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