Episode 194 | Do Your Kids Need a Digital Detox? A Balanced Approach to Screen Time | Molly DeFrank

Every parent wants to do what is best for their children, but technology use can be a tricky issue to navigate!  Early in her motherhood, Molly welcomed technology into her kids’ lives, but quickly realized she needed to make a change.  Immediately, Molly saw drastic improvements in her children.  She now helps parents navigate this complex world of screen use by coaching families through a detox period and a reintroduction process.  Whether you are a parent who knows you need to make a change in your family’s screen use or you have technology pretty well under control in your home, this episode is full of interesting statistics and empowering encouragement!

In this episode, we cover:

  • What led Molly to make a change in her kids’ screen time habits
  • Resetting your kids’ brains to enjoy tactile activities again
  • Do we need to prepare our kids for the digital world around them?
  • A look at the impact of screen addiction on the upcoming generation
  • The difference between learning from screens vs. face-to-face interaction in the early years
  • Are there types of screen time that are better or worse for kids?
  • Is it possible to undo damage that has been done by excessive screen time?
  • Thinking through the right time and place for screens in your family
  • The importance of starting by establishing a vision for your family

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About Molly

Molly is the author of Digital Detox: The Two-Week Tech Reset for Kids. She helps free families from their addictions to devices. She has a degree in international relations and worked as a press aide for former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. These days, she is a stay-at-home mom to six kids ages six through thirteen.


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