Episode 224 | Are You Overwhelmed and Angry in Motherhood? | Natalie Hixson, Angry Mama Coach

Every mother knows that there are moments in motherhood that bring out the worst in us.  We can feel overwhelmed and triggered, and these feelings may result in angry outbursts toward those we love most.  If any of this resonates with you, this episode with Natalie (the Angry Mama Coach) is a must-listen.  Natalie shares her history with anger in motherhood and coaches us on recognizing triggers, dealing with anger in a healthy way, shifting your mindset, and more.  May this conversation be an encouragement to you no matter where you are in your motherhood journey.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Natalie’s story of overcoming destructive anger in her early years of motherhood
  • A simple acronym to help you pause when you feel anger rising
  • How do you know if your anger is destructive or normal?
  • Healthy ways to express anger
  • Recognizing your triggers and taking proactive steps to avoid overwhelm
  • How hormones play a role in our feelings of anger and overwhelm
  • Where to begin shifting your mindset if you find yourself not enjoying motherhood
  • Avoiding the comparison trap in your parenting
  • Not allowing even good things in life to steal your peace

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About Natalie

Natalie Hixson is a wife, mother, auntie, and certified professional life coach who helps discouraged Christian moms overcome destructive anger and burnout. After learning to thrive in motherhood and process anger in a healthy way, Natalie became convicted to help other moms avoid those dark years of motherhood by helping them to appreciate and process their anger, learn to identify their triggers, and ultimately control their reaction to those triggering situations. She enjoys her own motherhood journey by hanging with her husband Mike and their three daughters in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. She recharges with Jesus, coffee, and adventures with her family like skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer!

Resources Mentioned

Natalie is offering the Simple Farmhouse Life audience access to her Trigger Tracker as a first step to overcome destructive anger in order to be the fun, present and joyful wife and mom you want to be. The Trigger Tracker will help you identify your triggers, create awareness around them, and support you in changing your mindset around these triggers: www.nataliehixson.com/SimpleFarmhouseLife.


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