Episode 223 | Decoding Food Labels and Making Informed Decisions | Tara Vander Dussen, the New Mexico Milkmaid

There are so many buzzwords and labels and opinions floating around when it comes to sourcing healthy food.  If you want to have confidence in the food you are feeding your family, it is important to understand what terms like “grass-fed” and “free range” and “all natural” really mean.  Join me for this fascinating conversation with Tara as she shares what she has learned from her years of experience in the dairy farming industry and how she navigates the complexities of our current food system.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Diving into the information overload available to us on the internet
  • An examination of the “organic” label and what it does and does not mean
  • Why the rBST labels on dairy products are misleading
  • How to know what terms are actually beneficial on food labels
  • A discussion on GMOs and hybrid crops
  • Why it is important to understand the truth behind the buzzwords
  • The simplicity of building your plate around animal protein
  • Decoding the dairy aisle
  • Finding the middle ground in the raw milk debate
  • The importance of making your own informed decision

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About Tara

As a fifth-generation dairy farmer hailing from the beautiful state of New Mexico, Tara has built a successful career out of a love for the land and her roots in agriculture. As an environmental scientist, Tara has worked on agricultural projects throughout the southwest, and as a professional speaker, her influence extends far beyond the borders of her home state. She has been invited to speak at prestigious national and global conferences, showcasing her knowledge and insights on agriculture sustainability.

Tara is also the co-host of the popular podcast and tv series Discover Ag where she melds food and pop culture to create captivating conversations that dive into the intricacies of our food system in a fun, light-hearted way. A fast talker with a quick wit, Tara engages audiences with her vibrant energy and captivating storytelling.

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