Episode 199 | Encouraging an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Our Kids | Michelle Visser of Souly Rested

There are countless skills a person gains on the path of entrepreneurship, and this goes for kids too!  The kind of environment we create for our kids and the guidance we give them play a large role in determining what endeavors they will pursue throughout childhood and beyond.  Whether your children have a natural entrepreneurial bent or not, you will learn about the many gifts entrepreneurship has to give to those who are willing to give it a try.  Join us as Michelle shares about her many years of parenting and homeschooling and raising entrepreneurial kids.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The importance of helping our children learn at a young age what they are naturally good at
  • How allowing kids to pursue their interests contributes to their education
  • What about kids who are not naturally entrepreneurial?
  • The many skills you can learn on the path of entrepreneurship
  • A practical example of an eight-year-old’s entrepreneurial success
  • Exploring the balance between helping your children in their pursuits and letting them learn on their own
  • What it can look like to help your child explore and develop their natural skills and interests
  • Navigating the tricky world of finances with entrepreneurial kids
  • Setting big, bold goals with and for our kids and ourselves

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About Michelle

Michelle Visser is a homesteader in rural New England. In their 220-year-old farmhouse and on their 14 tree-filled acres, her family makes an effort to live life a little more simply by growing some of their own food, raising a few farm animals, and making their own all-natural maple sugar. Michelle has been featured in Whole Foods Magazine, Capper’s Farmer, Hobby Farms, Where Women Create Work, and Mother Earth News. Michelle’s award-winning website, SoulyRested.com, her popular podcast, Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy, and her print book, Sweet Maple, tell the story of her family’s connection to the past on their small sugar farm. Michelle has been a guest chef at Northeastern’s Xhibition Kitchen, and she offers presentations across the country about the science behind the syrup and the secrets to making delicious, maple-infused recipes.

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