Practical Self-Care for Moms: Overcoming Burnout and Anger in Motherhood | Elizabeth of Emotionally Healthy Legacy (Episode 243)

Self-care in motherhood is a hot topic these days, but the advice can be difficult to navigate when it does not feel practical for your season of life.  Or perhaps you are feeling guilt about establishing self-care routines for yourself.  Elizabeth helps moms overcome anger and overwhelm and embrace peace and wellness in their homes.  If you are in a season of motherhood that has you feeling burned out or easily angered, this episode offers practical strategies for taking care of yourself while still prioritizing your role as a mother.  Join us for this uplifting conversation!

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is burnout and why does it lead to anger?
  • The starting steps for climbing out of the hole of burnout
  • Taking your self-care to the next step beyond basic needs
  • Changing your mindset about what is life-giving and realistic in your season
  • Choosing to adapt when things don’t go as planned
  • How to ask for help when you are feeling burned out
  • First steps you can take today if you are stressed or overwhelmed
  • Strategies for finding pockets of time for self-care without using screens
  • The benefits of giving your kids quiet, independent time in the afternoons

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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is an anger management coach for Christian moms. She is the host of Emotionally Healthy Legacy podcast and a mom of four. Elizabeth is super passionate about mental health and emotional wellness in motherhood. She supports stressed Christian moms in overcoming anger and embracing emotional stability, empowering them to leave an emotionally healthy legacy for their children’s lives.

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