Turn Your Homemaking Skills into a Business: How to Start a Microbakery | Lily & Ellen of The Flour Barn (Episode 244)

There is no doubt that homemakers gain many valuable skills as they continue to grow in their role.  If you have thought about using your kitchen skills to generate an income for your family, this episode is for you!  Lily and Ellen share the story of how they started a home bakery that has continued to grow and become quite profitable for their families.  We also talk through the ins and outs of making decisions in your small business.  How do you know when it’s time to grow and when it’s time to scale back?  May you be inspired by this chat with three busy moms, homemakers, homesteaders, and entrepreneurs!

In this episode, we cover:

  • How to navigate the timing of baking large batches of breads and pastries for a microbakery
  • Tips for making a microbakery profitable and worth your time
  • Learning from your mistakes and letting go of business ideas that don’t work
  • The importance of marketing your products effectively
  • Outfitting your microbakery without going into debt
  • Walking through the layout of the baking and selling space
  • Navigating local regulations of commercial kitchens and cottage bakeries
  • Step-by-step process of prepping and baking dough
  • Making your small business work for you as a busy mom
  • Thinking through tough decisions when growing your business
  • The value in creating an experience for your customers
  • Why microbakeries may have more success than large-scale bakeries

About Lily & Ellen

Lily and Ellen are two sisters who own a small bakery on their family farm. They spend their days raising their children, running their bakery and caring for their homestead.


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