Pregnancy and Homesteading Q&A with Meg of Hollar Homestead (plus some of our controversial opinions!) (Episode 239)

So many of you have been asking me to bring Meg back on the podcast, and I am so excited to have her join me for this chat all about her approach to pregnancy and her homesteading story.  We address questions about what foods we stay away from during pregnancy, what homestead chores we avoid, and more.  What are our thoughts on ultrasounds?  Prenatal vitamins?  How do we maintain our businesses and homeschooling responsibilities throughout pregnancy and postpartum?  I hope this chat with Meg inspires those of you who are in a similar season to make the most of this time!

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Meg’s family made a radical change to pursue homesteading and debt freedom
  • Thoughts on consuming raw milk during pregnancy
  • What we do and do not avoid during pregnancy
  • How to maintain the important things during difficult seasons of pregnancy
  • Scaling back business and homeschooling when adding a new baby to the family
  • Our thoughts and experiences with ultrasounds and prenatal vitamins during pregnancy

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About Meg

Meg and her family homestead on 7 acres in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina, where they run barefoot, cook from scratch, work to grow more and more of their own food, and enjoy living a life worth living. They document their homestead journey on their YouTube channel, The Hollar Homestead.


Listen to Meg’s first episode on my podcast!


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