Episode 212 | Cozy Christmas Decorating for the Homemaker | Sarah of She Holds Dearly

If the thought of transforming your home into a cozy, magical Christmas wonderland seems overwhelming, this episode is for you!  Sarah is a professional interior designer, but she is sharing tons of tips and inspiration for average homemakers to create a classic, festive, elegant atmosphere in their homes this season.  Whether you are just getting started building up your Christmas decor stash or you are feeling the need to pare it down, my conversation with Sarah will help you feel inspired to create a beautiful, comfortable, cozy space that is perfect for your family this year.

In this episode, we cover:

  • When we start decorating our homes for Christmas and why
  • Creative ways to dress up an inexpensive garland
  • Tips for taking your tree lighting and decor to the next level
  • How the average person can achieve a designer look in their Christmas decor
  • Some of the most common mistakes home decorators make
  • Where to start if you feel overwhelmed by Christmas decorating
  • Tricks for storing and organizing Christmas decorations
  • Choosing where to focus your decorating energy when you can’t do everything
  • Enjoying Christmas decor with small children in the home
  • How to create a cozy Christmas feeling without bringing in clutter
  • Finding a balance of work and rest over the holidays

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About Sarah

Interior design has been a love of mine since my earliest memories. After graduating from the London Guildhall University with a degree in interior design, I continued to grow my knowledge in clients’ homes. Four kids, two decades of homeschooling and one 1906 farmhouse later, I discovered my innate love of teaching, as well.

Today, I enjoy working with creative women from all over the world, teaching professional interior design & how to make a home a sanctuary. Two of my all-time favorite things are timeless elegance and God’s amazing grace.

Resources Mentioned

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