Episode 213 | Peaceful Motherhood, Large Family Dynamics, Working at Home, and More Q&A with Leslie Burris

As online business owners and mothers of large homeschooling families, Leslie and I discovered that we have so much in common!  You all submitted so many great questions for this episode, and we felt like we could have continued chatting forever.  We dive into some practicals of how we run our online businesses while working together with our husbands.  We talk about both the challenging and beautiful realities of having a large age span of children in the home.  Ultimately, we hope this conversation encourages you to pursue peace in your motherhood.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Leslie helps women along their entrepreneurial journeys toward financial sovereignty
  • All about Leslie’s unique vintage oven that stays on 24/7
  • How Leslie and her husband share the load as a full-time work-from-home family
  • Navigating a large age span as families with many children
  • Choosing peace as a mom
  • Family discipleship and spending quality time together
  • Newborn sleep approaches
  • Managing stress and quality time in a large family
  • Choosing your priorities as a mother and moving forward in confidence
  • Navigating smart phones in your family

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About Leslie

Leslie is a midwest mama of 7 who is 14 years married to her Twitter sweetheart. She is known on instagram for her morning coffee and breakfast food boards, mentoring first time moms, and encouraging women to break up with worry for good through her brand “Peace On Purpose”. Leslie will make you laugh, make you think, and provoke you to see beauty in everyday moments.

Resources Mentioned

Peace on Purpose Podcast with Leslie Burris


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