Episode 203 | Building a $100k Farm Business in 3 Years | Grace the Shepherdess

I hear from many of you that you want to live this homesteading lifestyle but you are wondering how to afford it.  Can a homestead pay for itself?  Can you actually earn an income from it?  With a background in business and marketing, Grace set out to start a profitable farm business, and she ended up growing her sheep farming business to $100k by the third year.  If you have a desire to draw a profit from your farm or homestead but you are unsure of the business mechanics, this episode is for you!  Grace is a wealth of wisdom on both business strategy and sheep farming.  Join us to be encouraged by her incredible story!

Episode 199 | Encouraging an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Our Kids | Michelle Visser of Souly Rested

There are countless skills a person gains on the path of entrepreneurship, and this goes for kids too!  The kind of environment we create for our kids and the guidance we give them play a large role in determining what endeavors they will pursue throughout childhood and beyond.  Whether your children have a natural entrepreneurial bent or not, you will learn about the many gifts entrepreneurship has to give to those who are willing to give it a try.  Join us as Michelle shares about her many years of parenting and homeschooling and raising entrepreneurial kids.

Episode 189 | Finding Balance as a Business Owner and Mom | Gillian Perkins

As much as I love sharing about homemaking and homesteading and family life, I also love talking about online business!  Being a business owner is a huge part of my life, and it is so fun to talk to fellow moms and business owners about how they are managing the many responsibilities of this way of life.  Gillian teaches women about building and managing profitable online businesses that don’t take away from family life, and I am excited to bring you all along on this conversation as we chat about our own journeys as business owners and moms.

Episode 142 | Avoiding Burnout as a Homemaker, Homesteader, Homeschooling Mom, and Business Owner | Kate of Venison for Dinner

It’s easy to look at someone like Kate and wonder how she does it all.  Between homemaking, homeschooling her five children, maintaining her Canada homestead, and running her successful online business, Kate’s plate is certainly full.  In our conversation, we discuss the realities of what it looks like to manage all of these responsibilities well without burning yourself out.  A little spoiler alert: Kate doesn’t do it all alone and neither do I!  If you have a goal of pursuing a new opportunity—a business or homestead or some other dream—but you wonder how you will manage it all, may you be inspired by this honest look behind the scenes of the lives of two fellow homemakers and business owners.