Episode 164 | Entrepreneurship & Motherhood: Building a Successful Business and Involving Your Kids | Natasha McCrary of 1818 Farms

Do you have a dream of starting your own business?  Or are you currently running a business?  Are you looking for ways to involve your kids so they can learn valuable life skills and be part of the team?  This episode is for you!

Natasha has always been an entrepreneur at heart, but she has spent the last decade building a wildly successful farm business with her family.  1818 Farms provides handmade bath and body products, fresh flowers, events, workshops, and more. In our conversation, we dive into all things small business: marketing, starting small, scaling, outsourcing, beautiful packaging, involving your kids, and more.

If you have that entrepreneurial itch or you are in the thick of running your own home business, this episode is full of brilliant ideas and important mindset shifts.  Join us!

Episode 143 | Fears When Putting Yourself Out There and Starting Something New | Megan Fox Unlocked | YouTuber and Mennonite Mom

Fear is one of the main things that holds people back from going after a goal or dream.  Anyone who has taken the leap to start something new has felt this intimidation at first and has found a way to push through it.  I loved having this chat with Megan all about what it was like to start her successful YouTube channel, Megan Fox Unlocked.  She shares all about why she started her channel, how she moves past the fear of what people think of her, her perspective on the negative comments, and the unique gifts of this job!  Whether you are thinking of starting your own YouTube channel, online business, Etsy shop, or even a new hobby, Megan’s story is sure to help you move past your doubts and take the risk!

Episode 142 | Avoiding Burnout as a Homemaker, Homesteader, Homeschooling Mom, and Business Owner | Kate of Venison for Dinner

It’s easy to look at someone like Kate and wonder how she does it all.  Between homemaking, homeschooling her five children, maintaining her Canada homestead, and running her successful online business, Kate’s plate is certainly full.  In our conversation, we discuss the realities of what it looks like to manage all of these responsibilities well without burning yourself out.  A little spoiler alert: Kate doesn’t do it all alone and neither do I!  If you have a goal of pursuing a new opportunity—a business or homestead or some other dream—but you wonder how you will manage it all, may you be inspired by this honest look behind the scenes of the lives of two fellow homemakers and business owners.