Episode 215 | Suburban Homesteading + Backyard Beekeeping | Katie Brandt of Sweetgum Spot

I hear from many of you who are dreaming of life on a homestead, but you are currently living in the suburbs.  While it can be discouraging to search and wait for that dream property, there is so much you can do in the backyard of your neighborhood lot.  Join me in listening to Katie’s story about making the most of where you are.  Katie now helps other homestead dreamers begin their homesteading endeavors no matter how small their property.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Katie began homesteading using only her balcony
  • Why beekeeping should be the gateway venture for homesteaders
  • Getting started raising meat rabbits in your backyard
  • A cost breakdown for raising meat rabbits
  • An argument for being involved in the raising and processing of the meat you consume
  • What benefit is there to keeping bees on your homestead?
  • Issues to watch out for in your bee hives
  • Navigating hive swarming and splitting
  • How much honey do beehives produce?
  • Is beekeeping safe?  How often do you get stung?
  • How to get plugged in to your local beekeeping community and find a mentor
  • All about the helpful resource Katie has created to help you get started with beekeeping

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About Katie

Katie is a homesteader and homemaker based in Fort Wayne, IN. Before homesteading, Katie was a working actor, musician, and director, but chose to follow her heart and come home to be a mama and tend to the most important garden in her life, her growing family. Along with her husband and two little girls, Katie grows a decent-sized garden, raises meat rabbits, and keeps bees all in the backyard of her quarter acre property in the suburbs. After years of thinking she couldn’t homestead until she moved out to the country, Katie decided enough was enough and started creating abundance in her backyard. Now, she teaches families how to create their dream homestead right where they are through backyard beekeeping!

Resources Mentioned

The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Beekeeping


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