Episode 148 | Small Homestead Living: Raising and Sourcing Quality Animal Foods | Amy Sliffe of Blue Whistler Farm

What began as a conversation about options for sourcing quality meat turned into a fascinating discussion on all that you can accomplish on a small homestead.  Amy homesteads less than five acres, and she is full of creative ideas for making the most of a small space.  For those who are interested in raising their own meat, we dive into what that looks like on a small scale.  For those who want to source high-quality meat without raising it themselves, we also share our best tips for that.  And if you stick around until the end of our discussion, you might just find yourself adding dairy sheep to your homestead!  May this episode inspire you to think creatively about producing and sourcing animal foods no matter the size of your homestead.

Episode 146 | Misconceptions About Homesteading | Ash Turner of Turner Farm

With the growing popularity of homesteading on Instagram, it’s easy to look at this lifestyle through a romanticized filter.  No one would say that the homesteading life is 100% glamorous, but it’s hard to fully grasp the weight of the difficult moments until you are in them.  Ash of Turner Farm wrote a beautiful article for Homestead Mamas on this very topic, so I’m excited to bring her on the podcast to dive deeper into this conversation.  Ash shares about the ups and downs of starting and growing her homestead from scratch— everything from losing newborn livestock to milking her cow in a field under a beautiful sunset.  Whether you are dreaming of starting a homestead or you are already in the trenches, may this episode inform and encourage you about the challenges and blessings of this lifestyle.

Episode 140 | How to Ease Into a Natural Lifestyle | Roxanne Ahern of Happy Holistic Homestead

If you desire to live a natural lifestyle—whole foods, less toxins, holistic health—it can be intimidating to know where to start.  Many people are also concerned about the cost of living this way.  In this episode with Roxanne of Happy Holistic Homestead, we tackle the question of where to start if you simply can’t afford to jump all in.  What changes make the biggest impact on your family’s health?  We also bust the myth that it takes a lot of money or a lot of land to begin prioritizing your health by sourcing high quality foods.  You might be surprised by some of our money saving tips!  No matter where you are starting from, may this episode encourage you to take the next step in your journey towards a more natural lifestyle.

Episode 139 | Building a Debt-Free Homestead from Scratch | Katie Metka: Mother of 9, Photographer, Homesteader

If you dream of starting your own homestead but worry that you don’t have the skills or time or money, you’ve got to hear Katie’s story.  Six weeks after giving birth to her ninth daughter, Katie and her husband moved their family from their established homestead in Texas to a piece of raw land in Missouri to start over.  They are building everything themselves and doing it debt-free!  Katie shares how she and her family of 11 found joy in the simple pace of living in a small shanty without electricity or running water.  Whether you have a homesteading dream or are pursuing another goal, may Katie’s story remind you of all that is possible with patience, sacrifice, and hard work.

Episode 134 | Teaching Kids About Farming | Brianna Widen of Widnor Farms

With the many conveniences of our modern food system, it’s easy to become detached from the knowledge of how our food is actually produced.  Brianna is on a mission to reconnect the community to its farmers.  At her family’s ranch in Washington, Brianna welcomes her neighbors—especially children—to come experience what farm life is truly like.  Children learn invaluable, lifelong skills as a result of participating in animal care and food production.  Brianna shares age-appropriate ideas for teaching your kids about farming and responsibility whether you live on a farm or in an apartment.

Episode 127 | Starting a Farm When You Didn’t Grow Up on One | Jess Sowards of Roots and Refuge Farm

Many people think that beginning a farm or homestead requires you to have previous farming experience, but this isn’t necessarily true.  Even if you have never set foot on a farm yourself, it is possible to begin living the homesteading lifestyle.  In this episode, Jess shares how her lifelong dream of owning a farm became …

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Episode 125 | Learning New Skills on the Homestead | Melissa K. Norris

When you look around the homesteading world and see other people doing all the things, it can be overwhelming to know how to get started. In this episode, Melissa K. Norris, a homesteader for over 20 years, joins me to talk about where to start when you want to learn new homesteading skills. She reminds us not to be afraid of starting small and learning as you go. She also provides many tangible tips for getting started. Whether you have been homesteading your whole life or are still contemplating jumping into this lifestyle, there will always be more to learn, so these tips on self-education are for you!

Episode 121 | Answering Your Questions About Owning a Dairy Cow | Angel Turner of Rosehill Farm

I have been so excited to bring this episode to you all because I get so many questions about our dairy cow! Angel Turner was the perfect person to join me in this conversation. She has gained a great deal of experience with dairy cows in just a short time. It has been less than a year since Angel brought home her first family milk cow, and since then, she has taken on the task of halter breaking over 15 milk cows and matching them with families. We could have talked forever about all things dairy cow, but we managed to address the most frequently asked questions in the time we had together. If you are considering whether a family milk cow might be right for you, this episode will give you a peek into both of our journeys of getting started with owning dairy cows.