Episode 212 | Cozy Christmas Decorating for the Homemaker | Sarah of She Holds Dearly

If the thought of transforming your home into a cozy, magical Christmas wonderland seems overwhelming, this episode is for you!  Sarah is a professional interior designer, but she is sharing tons of tips and inspiration for average homemakers to create a classic, festive, elegant atmosphere in their homes this season.  Whether you are just getting started building up your Christmas decor stash or you are feeling the need to pare it down, my conversation with Sarah will help you feel inspired to create a beautiful, comfortable, cozy space that is perfect for your family this year.

Episode 210 | Creating Cozy in Your Home | Liz Marie Galvan

As the days get shorter and cooler, I think we all begin to crave a greater sense of coziness in our homes.  Liz Marie Galvan, the “Queen of Cozy”, is chatting with me today about the concepts behind her newest book Create Your Own Cozy.  We talk about how cozy looks different for everyone according to their unique preferences and the features of their home.  Liz tackles the million dollar question: how can I achieve a cozy feeling in my home without making it feel cluttered?  If you are longing for more of that cozy feeling in your home, you don’t want to miss this conversation. 

Episode 185 | You Can DIY Your Dream Home on a Budget | Dena of Fletcher Creek Cottage

Dena is perhaps best known on the internet for sharing about how she and her family self-built their home from scratch for only $70,000.  Dena has had extensive DIY, renovation, and design experience on a number of homes, and she is sharing her best tips with us today.  She shares lots of practicals, but we also dive into what it looks like to embrace your own definition of “dream home” and create a beautiful home that your budget can sustain.  For anyone with a DIY spirit, this episode is such a good one!

Episode 171 | Finding Contentment in Your Home Decor & Homemaking | Kali Ramey Martin

There is no such thing as a perfect home.  Even when we finally get all the projects checked off of our list, new things are constantly popping up!  In my conversation with Kali, we chat about fighting for contentment in our homes no matter what they look like.  Kali also shares some practical tips for making small changes in your home decor even when you don’t have the time or money for a big renovation.  And we also touch finding a style you truly love even amidst the noise of decor trends.  This episode was such a fun one for me, and I hope it encourages you in your homemaking!

Episode 169 | You Can Grow Thriving Houseplants! | Maria Failla of Growing Joy Podcast

In the middle of winter when the Christmas greenery has been taken down but it’s not yet time for spring planting, I find myself craving the color and life found in houseplants.  This is a perfect time of year to dive into what it takes to create a home full of thriving houseplants, and there’s no one better to discuss this with than Maria of Growing Joy Podcast, a self-proclaimed Plant Lady.  If you consider yourself a plant killer, you are in good company because both Maria and I have had our fair share of plant fails.  May this episode inspire you to try a new plant variety or tending method as you grow your houseplant collection.

Episode 161 | Decluttering Before the Holidays + How to Have a Minimalist Christmas | Dawn of The Minimal Mom

The joy of giving and receiving gifts is such a beautiful part of Christmas, but this time of year can quickly leave our homes overflowing with clutter.  Dawn of The Minimal Mom joined me earlier this year on the podcast to chat about decluttering and minimalism, and you all loved our conversation, so I knew this topic would be a perfect opportunity for Dawn to join me on the podcast again!  We chat about making Christmas fun and exciting for our families without getting caught up in the accumulation of stuff.  But don’t let the word “minimal” fool you; this discussion is less about how minimally decorated our homes look and more about how truly peaceful our homes feel.  If you are ready to embrace the upcoming holiday season without the stress and overwhelm, this conversation is for you!

Episode 159 | Simple, Affordable, and Cozy Christmas Decor | Emily of Handmade Farmhouse

I love talking about home decor on my podcast every now and then because I think it is such a beautiful part of being a homemaker.  As the Christmas season quickly approaches, I am excited to bring you this conversation all about cultivating elegance and beauty in your home for Christmas without spending a fortune.  Emily of Handmade Farmhouse has a way of adding beautiful touches to everything she does, so I knew she would lend the perfect inspiration to this conversation.  This episode is FULL of practical ideas, simple DIYs, and affordable ways to bring the magic and wonder of Christmas to your home this season.

Episode 156 | Why You Should Consider Buying an Old House | Paige Sander of Farmhouse Vernacular

New homes come with many modern conveniences, but there is a depth of character in old homes that is hard to replicate in new construction.  It is no secret that I have a love for older homes, so I’m excited to bring my friend Paige back on the podcast to chat with me all about why we both choose to live in old homes.  Not only do we talk about why we love them, we dive into how you can approach your own purchase and renovation.  Even if buying an old home is not on your radar, stay tuned until the end of our conversation because Paige gives some incredibly valuable budgeting and planning advice that can apply to anyone’s home!

Episode 147 | Vintage Shopping and Decorating | Deb Foglia of Seeking Lavender Lane

One of my favorite parts of homemaking is curating beautiful decor in my home.  It’s no secret that I love coming across a great vintage find at an antique shop or on Facebook Marketplace.  I’m so glad to have Deb of Seeking Lavender Lane joining me on the podcast again to talk all about how you can curate an elegant, vintage look in your own home without making it feel cluttered or junky.  For those who aren’t sure if decorating with vintage pieces is right for them, we chat about defining your style and honing in on what you truly love.  This is such a fun and practical discussion for anyone hoping to take their home decor to the next level!

Episode 135 | How the Farmhouse Style is Changing | Liz Quick of The Quick Journey

Over the last decade, the modern farmhouse style has become extremely popular in home decor.  The all white paint and minimal aesthetic is easily achieved which is part of why people have been so attracted to it.  Now we are starting to see people trade in the all white look for warmth, coziness, color, pattern.  People want their spaces to feel elevated and timeless and unique.  Liz Quick of The Quick Journey joins me to discuss the good elements that came out of the modern farmhouse craze and how to achieve a more classic decor foundation in your home.  I know that my own personal home decor style has evolved over the years, and I hope that this conversation will inspire you as you consider building a timeless foundation of beautiful decor in your own home.