Episode 147 | Vintage Shopping and Decorating | Deb Foglia of Seeking Lavender Lane

One of my favorite parts of homemaking is curating beautiful decor in my home.  It’s no secret that I love coming across a great vintage find at an antique shop or on Facebook Marketplace.  I’m so glad to have Deb of Seeking Lavender Lane joining me on the podcast again to talk all about how you can curate an elegant, vintage look in your own home without making it feel cluttered or junky.  For those who aren’t sure if decorating with vintage pieces is right for them, we chat about defining your style and honing in on what you truly love.  This is such a fun and practical discussion for anyone hoping to take their home decor to the next level!

Episode 135 | How the Farmhouse Style is Changing | Liz Quick of The Quick Journey

Over the last decade, the modern farmhouse style has become extremely popular in home decor.  The all white paint and minimal aesthetic is easily achieved which is part of why people have been so attracted to it.  Now we are starting to see people trade in the all white look for warmth, coziness, color, pattern.  People want their spaces to feel elevated and timeless and unique.  Liz Quick of The Quick Journey joins me to discuss the good elements that came out of the modern farmhouse craze and how to achieve a more classic decor foundation in your home.  I know that my own personal home decor style has evolved over the years, and I hope that this conversation will inspire you as you consider building a timeless foundation of beautiful decor in your own home.

Episode 132 | What to Look for When Buying an Old Farmhouse | Cathy & Garrett Poshusta of The Grit and Polish

Looking for an older home can be scary and exciting all at the same time.  What are the most important characteristics to look for?  How do you know which flaws are deal breakers?  Cathy and Garrett have been renovating and restoring homes for over a decade, so they have seen the good, bad, and ugly of old houses.  In our conversation, they answer some of the most common questions I get about shopping for an old farmhouse.  This topic can be intimidating to someone unfamiliar with this realm, but Cathy and Garrett break it down in such an approachable way.  Maybe you have no intention of purchasing an old farmhouse, but you want to add that vintage charm to your existing home– Cathy and Garrett have some great tips for that, too!

Episode 128 | How to Shop for Antique and Vintage Finds | Amanda Marie of Sincerely Marie Designs

Curating a home decor style that feels collected takes time and intention.  Amanda of Sincerely Marie Designs has done a beautiful job achieving this look and feel in her home, and she is joining me to talk about one of my favorite topics: decorating your home with vintage and antique pieces.  Many of our current home inspiration sources — HGTV, Pinterest, Instagram — can give us the unrealistic expectation that our home decor should be perfectly put together all at once.  Amanda and I discuss how there is actually so much beauty in slowly piecing together your decor over time.  We are sharing some practical tips for how you can source and incorporate antique, handmade, and repurposed pieces into your own home.

Episode 126 | Simple and Thrifty DIYs to Refresh Your Home for Spring | Andrea Francavilla of Pine and Prospect Home

friend, Andrea, of Pine and Prospect Home is joining me for this conversation on giving your home a refresh for spring without spending a ton of money.  Andrea is the queen of thrifty decor, and everything she creates looks high-dollar.  We’re sharing some of our best tips for curating a beautiful home that reflects your taste and style all while staying within your budget.  Whether you are simply looking for a few affordable ideas to welcome spring into your home or you are taking on a large renovation project, you’ll come away from this conversation with fresh DIY inspiration!