Lisa Bass

Episode 203 | Building a $100k Farm Business in 3 Years | Grace the Shepherdess

I hear from many of you that you want to live this homesteading lifestyle but you are wondering how to afford it.  Can a homestead pay for itself?  Can you actually earn an income from it?  With a background in business and marketing, Grace set out to start a profitable farm business, and she ended up growing her sheep farming business to $100k by the third year.  If you have a desire to draw a profit from your farm or homestead but you are unsure of the business mechanics, this episode is for you!  Grace is a wealth of wisdom on both business strategy and sheep farming.  Join us to be encouraged by her incredible story!

Episode 202 | Don’t Wait for the Perfect Circumstances to Start Homesteading | Bay Sandoval

The year 2020 was a catalyst that led many people to chase after the homesteading lifestyle, and Bay is no exception.  Fueled by a desire to establish food security for her family, Bay jumped into multiple homesteading endeavors from the get-go and learned a lot along the way.  Homesteading can certainly be expensive, but we dive into the reality of living this lifestyle on a tight budget.  We also chat about what it is like to pursue your goals in front of an audience on the internet and how we each navigate both the negative and positive feedback.  Whether you are working toward your homesteading dream or some other dream, may you be encouraged that you don’t have to wait for the perfect circumstances to get started.

Episode 201 | Natural Remedies, Groceries for a Large Family, New Homestead | Elizabeth of Purely Parsons

I’m so excited to have Elizabeth back on the podcast to share more of her story and expertise with us!  She and her family recently relocated from Texas to Tennessee to start a new homestead, so she tells us all about what led them to Tennessee and what their homesteading plans are.  As a nurse and mother of many, Elizabeth is passionate about educating and empowering other mothers to make informed decisions for their families.  We’ll chat about home remedies, supporting the body’s ability to heal, and feeding our families well as a first line of defense against disease.  Join us for this conversation!

Episode 200 | Candid Chat with Essentially Erin: Moving Across the Country to Start a Homestead + Why We Love Home Birth

Erin is a mother of six, new homesteader, retired nurse, and guru on all things natural health and wellness.  You may know her from Instagram which is her main platform for sharing information and resources to empower and educate mothers.  We sat down and answered some of your questions about their journey from California to Tennessee to find freedom, how they got their homestead off the ground, and how Erin is preparing for her fifth home birth.  If any of these motherhood topics interest you, join us for this fun conversation!

Episode 199 | Encouraging an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Our Kids | Michelle Visser of Souly Rested

There are countless skills a person gains on the path of entrepreneurship, and this goes for kids too!  The kind of environment we create for our kids and the guidance we give them play a large role in determining what endeavors they will pursue throughout childhood and beyond.  Whether your children have a natural entrepreneurial bent or not, you will learn about the many gifts entrepreneurship has to give to those who are willing to give it a try.  Join us as Michelle shares about her many years of parenting and homeschooling and raising entrepreneurial kids.

Episode 198 | Chatting Content Creation and Cheesemaking with Kate of Venison for Dinner

I’m thrilled to be chatting with another good friend on today’s podcast episode, Kate of Venison for Dinner. You all likely know her from her homesteading, cheesemaking, homemaking content, and in this conversation, we are answering some of your most common questions about making dairy products at home. Plus, we pull back the curtain on both of our content creation businesses and offer encouragement for those balancing motherhood and business (or hoping to!). Whether or not you are interested in making cheese or starting a business, I know you will be encouraged by this conversation between two moms seeking to love and serve our families in every season of motherhood!

Episode 197 | Be a Countercultural Mom: Finding Joy, Peace, and Purpose in All Seasons of Motherhood | Abbie Halberstadt of M is for Mama

Mother of ten, blogger, author, and one of my real life friends, Abbie from M is for Mama, is back on the podcast chatting with me about being an intentional mother in an increasingly frantic culture.  As mothers, there are so many negative messages coming at us from all directions highlighting the burdens of motherhood without offering us hope or direction.  Abbie’s countercultural message of embracing motherhood as a gift and calling from God is a breath of fresh air.  Join us as we highlight many of the mindset shifts that have given us freedom and joy in our own journeys as mothers of many.

Episode 196 | Slowing Down and Embracing Intentional Motherhood | Sarah of Simplyy Sarah

In the last decade since I was a young mother, the pace of motherhood has changed so much.  Even for mothers who stay home full-time with their children, there are endless opportunities and distractions available to us through our digital devices.  When Sarah realized she was running on the hamster wheel of busyness and distraction, she knew she wanted to make a change.  Through her own pursuit of simple, intentional, slow motherhood, Sarah began sharing her journey with other mothers who were longing for the same.  If striving and busyness have left you feeling burned out, this episode will inspire you to pursue simplicity and connection in your everyday life.

Episode 195 | Preserving the Garden Harvest: Simple Approaches to Long-Term Food Storage | Melissa K. Norris

For many of us, it is the time of year where our gardens are producing in abundance.  All of our hard work in the garden is starting to pay off, and we don’t want to let any of that hard work go to waste.  Knowing how best to preserve your produce is just as important as knowing how to grow it.

Melissa K. Norris is a food preservation guru, and she is joining us to dive into the various methods of preserving.  We discuss which methods are easiest for beginners and address some safety concerns around canning and botulism.  The good news in food preservation is that you have a variety of different options and most are much more simple than you think!  No matter how little experience you may have in preserving, you will feel confident in getting started with Melissa’s extensive knowledge and experience to inspire you!

Episode 194 | Do Your Kids Need a Digital Detox? A Balanced Approach to Screen Time | Molly DeFrank

Every parent wants to do what is best for their children, but technology use can be a tricky issue to navigate!  Early in her motherhood, Molly welcomed technology into her kids’ lives, but quickly realized she needed to make a change.  Immediately, Molly saw drastic improvements in her children.  She now helps parents navigate this complex world of screen use by coaching families through a detox period and a reintroduction process.  Whether you are a parent who knows you need to make a change in your family’s screen use or you have technology pretty well under control in your home, this episode is full of interesting statistics and empowering encouragement!