Episode 229 | Navigating Information Overload, Using Discernment, and Making Sustainable Changes | Fallon Lee

Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available to us today?  Having answers and research available at our fingertips can be incredibly helpful, but it also brings the challenge of stress and overwhelm around deciding which voices to listen to and which changes to implement.  Fallon Lee is joining me on the podcast again to tackle this complex topic, and I’m confident this conversation will be a blessing to you!  We each share portions of our own journeys and our decision making criteria in hopes of helping you navigate this overwhelming information age with grace and sustainability.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The problem with having access to so much information
  • A few tangible criteria for evaluating new information
  • Why it is important to acknowledge the specific season you are in
  • Identifying when it may be time to pursue new knowledge
  • Zooming out and taking on an intuitive and historical lens
  • Discerning which voices and sources to trust
  • Why our intuition is a valid piece of our decision making
  • Laying a solid foundation for health through grace-based nutrition
  • Prioritizing our goals and establishing habits around them
  • Healthy habits to prioritize as a new mom
  • Prioritizing a healthy diet while on a budget

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About Fallon

Fallon was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s after the birth of her second son, and within a few years of going the “cutting foods” & chasing symptoms route, she was down to eating only seven foods. When she came across the world of metabolic health, she was both amazed and a little offended that she realized she did not have to claim this identity of restrictive eating & autoimmunity for life. She could heal?! And that’s exactly what she did. Today she is walking in absolute food freedom (including dairy & gluten), she is off of all medication, & she is teaching other women that they can do the same while curating delicious recipes along the way. Aside from being a metabolic recipe queen, she is also a wife & homeschool mom of 3 boys in Texas.

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