Episode 124 | All Things Spring: Home Decor, Gardening, Cooking | Kali Ramey Martin

hands.  That’s why I am so glad there are people like Kali Ramey Martin putting lovely resources out into the world. Her book, Potager, and her seasonal magazine, Notebook Quarterly, curate recipes and gardening tips and home inspiration in such a masterful way.  Our conversation spanned a variety of topics related to welcoming spring into our homes through what we are cooking to how we decorate our homes.  We talked not only about seasonal decor but also about more permanent home design choices like paint, wallpaper, furniture, and more.  I hope this conversation leaves you inspired to embrace in your own home all the beauty that springtime has to offer.

Episode 123 | Seasonal Eating: Spring Edition | Erin Worrall of The Cedar Chest Farm

With the first official day of spring right around the corner, I am getting so excited to welcome spring into my kitchen.  There is nothing like cutting fresh herbs from my garden, gathering eggs from my hens, collecting milk from my cow.  In today’s episode, Erin and I discuss the many ways that seasonal eating can be accessible to all of us.  Whether or not you have a garden or farm animals of your own, you can find ways to eat seasonally and source your food locally.  With all of our modern conveniences, we don’t have to eat seasonally, but Erin and I make a case for why you might want to consider eating this way.  There is so much beauty to be found in living in rhythm with the seasons.