Episode 208 | Why Freshly-Milled Flour is Better | Kristin Nobles of Generation Acres Farm

Many of us have heard that freshly-milled flour is healthier for us, but we have questions about incorporating it into our kitchens and diets.  Kristin has been baking with freshly-milled whole grains for over a decade, and she now shares techniques and recipes with other bakers who want to make the switch to freshly-milled flour.  We talk about the history of grain milling and how all-purpose flour came to be so popular.  Kristin shares why freshly-milled whole grains are so much more nutrient dense than white flours, and she demystifies the process of incorporating them into your everyday baking.  Join us as we answer your questions about why and how to switch to freshly-milled flour.

Episode 166 | A Heritage Sourdough Method + Answering Your Questions | Anja of Our Gabled Home

If you have been around this community for long, sourdough is not a new topic to you; however, I would be willing to bet that you will hear some ideas and methods in this episode that you have never heard before!

Anja grew up in Germany and learned everything she knows about sourdough from watching her mother bake as a constant part of their family’s routine.  In my chat with Anja, we walked through some of the most common questions we receive from sourdough bakers, everything from starter maintenance to baking timelines to discard.

Whether you are new to sourdough or have been baking for years, I am confident this discussion will give you new ideas to shake up your sourdough experimentation.

Episode 153 | Switching to Ancient Grains + Milling at Home: How to Increase Nutrients in Your Baking | Laura Tuttle

I have been using ancient grains in my kitchen for many years now, but there is a learning curve when you are making the switch from modern white flours to heartier ancient grains like einkorn, kamut, spelt, and more.  Laura of @lauralivesthegoodlife is such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to baking sourdough bread, using different types of flours, and milling your own grains.  If you have questions about the differences between these flours and how to use them, this is the episode for you!  We share tons of tips on incorporating ancient grains into your everyday recipes while still enjoying delicious and nutrient-dense baked goods.