Episode 213 | Peaceful Motherhood, Large Family Dynamics, Working at Home, and More Q&A with Leslie Burris

As online business owners and mothers of large homeschooling families, Leslie and I discovered that we have so much in common!  You all submitted so many great questions for this episode, and we felt like we could have continued chatting forever.  We dive into some practicals of how we run our online businesses while working together with our husbands.  We talk about both the challenging and beautiful realities of having a large age span of children in the home.  Ultimately, we hope this conversation encourages you to pursue peace in your motherhood.

Episode 212 | Cozy Christmas Decorating for the Homemaker | Sarah of She Holds Dearly

If the thought of transforming your home into a cozy, magical Christmas wonderland seems overwhelming, this episode is for you!  Sarah is a professional interior designer, but she is sharing tons of tips and inspiration for average homemakers to create a classic, festive, elegant atmosphere in their homes this season.  Whether you are just getting started building up your Christmas decor stash or you are feeling the need to pare it down, my conversation with Sarah will help you feel inspired to create a beautiful, comfortable, cozy space that is perfect for your family this year.

Episode 209 | How to Get Out of a Homemaking Funk | Megan and Jayna of the Honey I’m Homemaker Podcast

I talk often on this podcast about the beauty of homemaking, but there are certainly times when we can fall into a slump as homemakers.  I’m joined by two Mennonite homemakers in this episode, Megan and Jayna, to discuss what we love about homemaking, what is challenging, and how we navigate the difficult seasons of this worthy calling.  If you could use fresh ideas and inspiration to continue creating beauty and comfort in your home, join us for this conversation!

Episode 190 | Do Homemakers Have Too Much Time on Their Hands? | Katie of Now That We’re a Family

I heard Katie and her husband discussing this idea on their podcast, and I was intrigued by the thought that maybe a problem we face as homemakers is not that we don’t have enough time, but that we have too much of it.  In our conversation, Katie and I look at how modern conveniences save us time but have presented us with new challenges in terms of productivity and efficiency.  We hope this episode leaves you feeling encouraged that you can get things done with kids around, you can learn new skills, and you can become the kind of homemaker you dream of being.  Join us!

Episode 179 | Pursuing Minimalism and Conscious Consumerism in a Materialistic World | Stephanie Seferian of The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast

Many of us strive to live a more minimal lifestyle in order to simplify our homes and lower our stress, but minimalism can also be good for the world around us!  In this conversation, Stephanie and I discuss what it looks like to become more conscious consumers as we continually minimize our homes.  If you are on a minimalism journey of any kind, this episode will inspire you to contribute to a more sustainable world through minimalist practices.

Episode 170 | The Meaning of Homemaking: A Beautiful & Creative Pursuit | Rebekah Merkle

Our current culture has come to think of homemaking as boring or unimportant.  The role of women in the home is largely undervalued.  Bekah Merkle is on a mission to change that by helping women to own the beauty, creativity, and innovation within their role as homemakers.

In our conversation, Bekah takes us through the history of how feminism has impacted the woman’s role and how we can begin to reclaim the importance of this high calling.  Whether you are a new homemaker or have been making a home for decades, may this conversation remind you of your significance in your family and in the world.

Episode 163 | Declutter + Organize: Identify Personalities, Shift Mindsets, and Build Habits | Shannon Acheson of Home Made Lovely

Many people begin thinking about decluttering and organization in January, but it’s such a good idea to begin simplifying your home leading up to Christmas.  Creating a more peaceful home environment can help you and your family enjoy this busy season more, and it helps prepare your home for an influx of new clutter after Christmas!  Shannon of Home Made Lovely joins me in this episode to talk about her new book, The Clutter Fix.  We all know that clutter doesn’t make us feel good, but so many of us get stuck on what to actually do about it.  Shannon not only teaches about how to declutter and organize, but she also dives into our mindsets and personalities around the topic of clutter.  This is such a practical episode with lots of bite-size, actionable steps you can take today!

Episode 147 | Vintage Shopping and Decorating | Deb Foglia of Seeking Lavender Lane

One of my favorite parts of homemaking is curating beautiful decor in my home.  It’s no secret that I love coming across a great vintage find at an antique shop or on Facebook Marketplace.  I’m so glad to have Deb of Seeking Lavender Lane joining me on the podcast again to talk all about how you can curate an elegant, vintage look in your own home without making it feel cluttered or junky.  For those who aren’t sure if decorating with vintage pieces is right for them, we chat about defining your style and honing in on what you truly love.  This is such a fun and practical discussion for anyone hoping to take their home decor to the next level!