Episode 211 | You Can Save Even More on Groceries | Christine of Frugal Fit Mom

With the rising costs of food over the last few years, people are looking for ways to save now more than ever.  Christine helps moms wisely use their household budgets through her YouTube channel and podcast, and she is with us today to share some of her top tips for maximizing your savings when it comes to sourcing groceries.  She tells us what money pitfalls to avoid and her biggest tip for keeping food costs low.  This is an episode that everyone can gain some practical tips from, so join us! 

Episode 208 | Why Freshly-Milled Flour is Better | Kristin Nobles of Generation Acres Farm

Many of us have heard that freshly-milled flour is healthier for us, but we have questions about incorporating it into our kitchens and diets.  Kristin has been baking with freshly-milled whole grains for over a decade, and she now shares techniques and recipes with other bakers who want to make the switch to freshly-milled flour.  We talk about the history of grain milling and how all-purpose flour came to be so popular.  Kristin shares why freshly-milled whole grains are so much more nutrient dense than white flours, and she demystifies the process of incorporating them into your everyday baking.  Join us as we answer your questions about why and how to switch to freshly-milled flour.

Episode 201 | Natural Remedies, Groceries for a Large Family, New Homestead | Elizabeth of Purely Parsons

I’m so excited to have Elizabeth back on the podcast to share more of her story and expertise with us!  She and her family recently relocated from Texas to Tennessee to start a new homestead, so she tells us all about what led them to Tennessee and what their homesteading plans are.  As a nurse and mother of many, Elizabeth is passionate about educating and empowering other mothers to make informed decisions for their families.  We’ll chat about home remedies, supporting the body’s ability to heal, and feeding our families well as a first line of defense against disease.  Join us for this conversation!

Episode 198 | Chatting Content Creation and Cheesemaking with Kate of Venison for Dinner

I’m thrilled to be chatting with another good friend on today’s podcast episode, Kate of Venison for Dinner. You all likely know her from her homesteading, cheesemaking, homemaking content, and in this conversation, we are answering some of your most common questions about making dairy products at home. Plus, we pull back the curtain on both of our content creation businesses and offer encouragement for those balancing motherhood and business (or hoping to!). Whether or not you are interested in making cheese or starting a business, I know you will be encouraged by this conversation between two moms seeking to love and serve our families in every season of motherhood!

Episode 195 | Preserving the Garden Harvest: Simple Approaches to Long-Term Food Storage | Melissa K. Norris

For many of us, it is the time of year where our gardens are producing in abundance.  All of our hard work in the garden is starting to pay off, and we don’t want to let any of that hard work go to waste.  Knowing how best to preserve your produce is just as important as knowing how to grow it.

Melissa K. Norris is a food preservation guru, and she is joining us to dive into the various methods of preserving.  We discuss which methods are easiest for beginners and address some safety concerns around canning and botulism.  The good news in food preservation is that you have a variety of different options and most are much more simple than you think!  No matter how little experience you may have in preserving, you will feel confident in getting started with Melissa’s extensive knowledge and experience to inspire you!

Episode 187 | Keep Your Produce Fresh for Weeks! And Other Money-Saving Grocery Hacks | Amy of The Cross Legacy

If you have seen the viral strawberries in a jar hack, then you know who Amy is!  A couple of years ago, Amy shared her best tip for keeping berries fresh in the fridge for three weeks, and she took the world by storm.  She has built her business on teaching families how to effectively store and use the groceries they bring into their homes, thus saving money and cutting down on food waste.  If you find yourself constantly throwing away wilted greens or soft berries, join us for this discussion on all things groceries!

Episode 183 | The Value of a Homemaker | RuthAnn Zimmerman

Homemaking is truly an art, which means each of us expresses our own personalities and interests and values in unique ways in our homes.  But one thing all homemakers share in common is the value they bring to their families.  In my conversation with RuthAnn, we dive into some of the whys and hows of homemaking.  If you are seeking encouragement and inspiration in your role as a homemaker, you don’t want to miss this chat with RuthAnn!

Episode 180 | Getting Started with Food Preservation: Freezer Meals, Grocery Sourcing, Stocking the Pantry | Becky Jones of Acre Homestead

In the homesteading world, we place a lot of emphasis on sourcing food well and producing it at home when possible.  With all of the hard work we put into obtaining high quality food, we have to have a plan for what to do with it!  In today’s conversation, Becky shares about her process of preserving food using various methods: freezing, freeze drying, canning, etc.  She also shares some practical tips about planning for and executing a successful freezer meal preparation day.  We cover plenty of simple and attainable ideas in this episode; you don’t want to miss it!

Episode 176 | Educating Our Kids About Real Food | Liz Haselmayer of Homegrown Education

The task of educating our children about real food has never been more important than it is now, but it can feel like swimming upstream in a culture saturated with highly processed and denatured foods.  Thankfully, we have access to more information and resources than ever before to educate ourselves and our children on this foundational topic.  

My conversation with Liz of Homegrown Education dove into the nutritional philosophies of our homes as well as practical ways to incorporate more real food into our children’s diets.  Whether you have prioritized real food from your child’s first meal or you are just now beginning to make food swaps in your home, this episode will encourage you to keep making strides in this worthwhile journey.

Episode 166 | A Heritage Sourdough Method + Answering Your Questions | Anja of Our Gabled Home

If you have been around this community for long, sourdough is not a new topic to you; however, I would be willing to bet that you will hear some ideas and methods in this episode that you have never heard before!

Anja grew up in Germany and learned everything she knows about sourdough from watching her mother bake as a constant part of their family’s routine.  In my chat with Anja, we walked through some of the most common questions we receive from sourdough bakers, everything from starter maintenance to baking timelines to discard.

Whether you are new to sourdough or have been baking for years, I am confident this discussion will give you new ideas to shake up your sourdough experimentation.