Episode 143 | Fears When Putting Yourself Out There and Starting Something New | Megan Fox Unlocked | YouTuber and Mennonite Mom

Fear is one of the main things that holds people back from going after a goal or dream.  Anyone who has taken the leap to start something new has felt this intimidation at first and has found a way to push through it.  I loved having this chat with Megan all about what it was like to start her successful YouTube channel, Megan Fox Unlocked.  She shares all about why she started her channel, how she moves past the fear of what people think of her, her perspective on the negative comments, and the unique gifts of this job!  Whether you are thinking of starting your own YouTube channel, online business, Etsy shop, or even a new hobby, Megan’s story is sure to help you move past your doubts and take the risk!