Episode 185 | You Can DIY Your Dream Home on a Budget | Dena of Fletcher Creek Cottage

Dena is perhaps best known on the internet for sharing about how she and her family self-built their home from scratch for only $70,000.  Dena has had extensive DIY, renovation, and design experience on a number of homes, and she is sharing her best tips with us today.  She shares lots of practicals, but we also dive into what it looks like to embrace your own definition of “dream home” and create a beautiful home that your budget can sustain.  For anyone with a DIY spirit, this episode is such a good one!

Episode 156 | Why You Should Consider Buying an Old House | Paige Sander of Farmhouse Vernacular

New homes come with many modern conveniences, but there is a depth of character in old homes that is hard to replicate in new construction.  It is no secret that I have a love for older homes, so I’m excited to bring my friend Paige back on the podcast to chat with me all about why we both choose to live in old homes.  Not only do we talk about why we love them, we dive into how you can approach your own purchase and renovation.  Even if buying an old home is not on your radar, stay tuned until the end of our conversation because Paige gives some incredibly valuable budgeting and planning advice that can apply to anyone’s home!